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Consultation Specialization

We are also known as Consultation Specialist in Bangalore providing consultation services for obstetrics & gynecology, paediatrics, geriatric medicine, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, ENT, Dermatology, ECG, 4D scanning service, and others.

Diagnostic Affair provides the best consultation services in Bangalore at reasonable fee and we give every patient complete time to know and analyze their disease/problem. We have specialist doctors working with us who are experts and have huge experience within their respective fields.

Gastroenterology: Gastroenterology deals with the digestive system and its related disorders. At Diagnostic Affair, patients are provided with expert Gastroenterology services. We have professional Gastroenterologists working with us who diagnose and prescribe the best medical help for the patients.

Ophthalmology: Ophthalmology deals with physiology, anatomy, and diseases of eye. We have expensed ophthalmologist providing consultation services for the patients. We have proper equipments and machines for carrying out complete eye checkup.

General Physician: We have general physician at Diagnostic Affair providing consultation services for general diseases. These expert general physicians properly diagnose the illness and prescribe medicine accordingly to the patients.

ENT Specialist: We have Specialist ENT services for the patients suffering for these problems. The specialists hired are top of the line professionals from strong academic background and good track record in their respective field. We also have well established support structure to provide modern diagnose and treatment facility to the patients which make us the modern ENT specialist of Bangalore City.

Our clinic is situated in the heart of Bangalore so that any patient may reach us anytime as quick as possible. We offer sure short treatment in most of the problems of ear, nose, and throat. We have set modern facilities and machines for the advance and fast recovery of the patients from the diseases. So far we have succeeded in providing complete wellness in many cases. But early detection of the disease is always significant. We are aiming to be the leading ENT specialists in India.

Gynecology: It’s not just that the issue is well folded secret. There are many women struggling with the Gynecological problems but due to shyness can’t share it, which causes in something major dreaded disease. We at Diagnostic Affairs offer specialized services for gynecologic oncology. There are issues which need to be handled with care and require a good deal of consultancy, we provide the not just proper consultancy in gynecological diseases but the cure as well.

We have all the modern gadgetry for the smooth gynecologic surgery. The doctors and the Para medic staff are proficient in performing their duties. Each professional in our team is clear in the role they have with them. It’s not the case that all issues are complicated in Gynecology but efforts are need to be taken in a manner that the case must reach the respective doctors before they turn complicated.

Dermatology: It is generally referred to the skin related issues. Skin allergies, various skin diseases, major to minor problems come under it. Most of the time cases with baldness consult Dermatologists, or it may be said that the name of Dermatologists come into light in hair issues. Dermatologists do a lot more. This specialized field caters to entire skin responses, problems, disorders etc. We have a whole department running under the Dermatology and its specialized treatment to the problems of in the field.

We have an online service to the patients who want to consult skin specialist not in person, can access our dermatology online service at hour. Dermatology even covers skin cancer and any issue with skin needs to be tackled with maximum seriousness. Our dermatology clinic offers complete care to all issues arising to the skin in nay age group.

Pediatrics: We provide entire end to end solution to almost all the issues arising with Pediatrics. We offer satisfactory solutions to the problems arising with the problem. It is sometimes unbearable to lead life with the disease. There are different types of Pediatrics. As the problem is diverse so are the treatments in the matter. Earlier the cure used to be rare but with the expansion information channels the disease is well under control.

Diagnostic Affairs sought the fast and sure treatment in large cases. We offer to the patiens fully specialized treatment in the problem. We also provide excellent treatment in indian pediatrics. The changing frame of mind in the society has gone into the positive sides, which is remarkably helpful to many medical issues, so is the case with Pediatrics.


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