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Ultra Sound Scan

Diagnostic Affair has advanced ultra sound scanning machine for carrying out the respective process. We perform different ultra sound scans including pelvic ultrasound scan, ultrasound scan for pregnancy, and abdominal ultrasound scan. Our Ultra sound scan Bangalore has been established with a vision to treat the various ailments prevailing in the society.

We undertake the task with expertise and perform the scanning of doctor’s required organ effectively. Our professionals carry out the ultra sound task with extreme care and precision and the reports are generated within the short time. Immediate reports are generated only after the accurate analysis and diagnosis is done with great accuracy.

4D Ultra Sound:
A 4D ultrasound utilizes a unique sonogram machine and captures images from few different angles, revealing detailed images of fetus, like facial features. It is also capable of capturing the baby’s movements made during the process.
We have 4D Ultrasound machine and appropriate facility for carrying out the process. Precise reports are derived as we have experts carrying out the ultrasound process with 4D Ultrasound Scanner.

2D Ultra Sound:
2D ultrasound work with sound waves that bounce off the objects inside mother-to-be for producing an image of growing fetus. Absolutely safe and reliable, the ultrasound machine takes about 20-30 minutes for performing the task and is a dependable tool to determine baby’s age, due date, identifying multiple pregnancies, monitoring baby’s growth and movements, and to check for obvious birth defects.

Color Doppler:
Color Doppler ultrasound is an excellent medical imaging technique utilized for providing visualization of blood flow. The machine uses color processing for adding color to image in order to provide the doctor or the care provider a clear view of what is happening within the body.

Correct reports about the problems are provided to the patients, as our experts make sure to undertake the procedure with high precision.


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